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note: this was originally posted as a mere status update on Facebook, but I want some of my ramblings to go beyond the FB bubble, not sure why…

note II: This particular post is in English, for obvious reasons.

Dear US – what is wrong with you?

Look, it’s one thing to have individuals who will wipe away the tears for the children of Sandy Hook with the back of a hand holding the bible, while the other grips a gun – it’s one thing for some people to say, again, after yet another tragic public shooting and the deaths of more innocent children, that everyone should pray, even though the prayers offered for the many previous times this happened have obviously not worked.
It’s one thing for some to hold that a tragedy like this is somehow an appropriate time to invoke a supposedly benign deity while at the same time upholding, even championing, the idea that what situations like this need is more guns and bullets.

emilieparker_sandyhookthis is Emelie Parker. She lived to be six – her life ended when a madman’s bullet ripped through her little body, doing exactly what bullets are meant to do, and you should never, ever forget that that’s what we are talking about

It’s one thing for some individuals to make some intrinsic connection between the right to own a gun and personal liberty, as if that one thing makes up all of freedom, while I’m sure we all agree that a whole host of other freedom-inhibiting factors are OK: Not everyone can drive a car in any way they please, not everyone can walk into an operating theatre and cut someone open with a scalpel, and, even leaving out deadly violence, it’s still not OK to just smack somebody in the face – your freedom to swing your arm ends where my nose begins, as mr. Tutu said.

Civilized societies fence in personal liberties, when those would cause harm to our fellow human beings – and they should, or we’d be nothing but animals. The right to own a device designed only for one thing, the expedient killing of other people, is one that a civilized society can do, and in fact, would be better off, without.

As a civilized society, US, as a nation – how can you allow this state of affairs to persist? What is wrong with you? Can’t you see that having instruments of death liberally spread out among the general populace, it would be strange if the number of resulting deaths was *not* higher than in societies that don’t allow this?

gunandbulletsthis is a gun and bullets. They are meant for one thing, and one thing only – now look at the picture of Emilie again

Why is there even a discussion? Are you not a civilized country? Will you only go as far as to mourn another classroom full of bullet-riddled children, but not so far as to at least try to make it harder for this to happen yet again? You’re the nation in which *one* shoe-bomber has everybody flying half naked the next day, even if he was actually foiled before any harm was done – but you will do nothing to keep guns away from children, or worse, actually allow people to carry guns into schools?

A friend once wrote that America is the last civilized country in the world that’s afraid of the dark – but being afraid of the dark is for children. It seems ironic that your childish behavior means you fail to protect the lives of actual children, for whom fear of the dark, fear of the boogeyman, the monster under the bed, should be the kind of thing they had to deal with – not a crazed individual with a gun killing them or ripping away a brother or sister or a parent at the blink of an eye.

America, speaking as a friend, don’t you think it’s time you grew up?

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